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KingRoot is a famous root tool in china that just armed itself with an English translation and went on to conquer the world. Due to its wide popularity and excellent feedback, it is certainly making way to the rest of the world. This tool is available free of cost and injects an SU binary code that performs the major rooting process. It also provides permanent root access to its users. This tool provides very fast and secure method that will definitely help the user to clean their devices from any malware. Some of the advantages have been shown below:-

  1. Very fast tool and easy to use.
  2. This tool can be customized.
  3. Easily compatible with plenty of android devices.
  4. Enhance the speed of your phone’s.


Now, comes the interesting part as how to use this tool to root your Android Phone?? Since KingRoot has both Android app as well as Windows version, you can use it the way you like. If you don’t want to use your system, then you can perform your task easily on your mobile phone as well. Now let’s begin with rooting process:-

How to Root Android Without PC, KingRoot??

  • Your device will need to be powered on with a battery level of at 50%. You will also need an internet connection, especially Wi-Fi network. Set your Android device such that it allows installation of apps from unknown or outside sources.
  • The first step is to download the Kingroot app. You will just download the app just like any other app on your device. The free download will be started automatically started.
  • Proceed to run the application on your phone. If you had not set Allow Unknown Sources in the Settings security, you would be required to prompt Install blocked and explicitly stated For security, your device will prevent installation of apps that are from unknown sources. It is important to set your phone to allow anonymous sources while
  • Once your Android device is supported by the app, a Try to Root button appears at the bottom. Go on and look for the full list of devices that are compatible with the Kingroot app.
  • It is important to know that the rooting process is sometimes lengthy hence you will need to be patient. Your device may also reboot on its own so the process may take some time.
  • When your device is rooted, a success message will appear on your screen.
  • If the process is successful, you can proceed to use the app. If unsuccessful then it is important to try multiple times when rooting with the Kingroot apk version.

The Kingroot apk without a doubt provides a universal, natural and efficient one-click root solution for all Android user which is not only easy to use but also eliminates the trouble of using a PC via USB cable. You can now go ahead and root android without PC, using the highly advanced Kingroot app and enjoy various processes on your Android phone successfully.

Benefits of rooting your android phone or tablet are Rooting your Android tablet or phone can give                full administrator privileges. You can remove or permanently delete your desired system app, so this     way you can save up your memory for another use. Some third party app needs root access to give you full function to maximize your android device. You can convert your desired app as a system app to be a permanent app; you can also integrate updates in the system of any app.

Necessary and Considerable things while trying KingRoot:
You must have internet connection while rooting your device as it is going to get help from its server to identify your ROM, so it is important to enable internet connection for the successful root strategy. Your device will be rooted successfully if it has uncorrupted 2.0 and up ROM installed. No any special skill required as it is one click root app but needs your little part of the brain to be with it. So now get started with KingRoot implementing below tutorial, you can also Unroot your phone incase you want to. You will see the both tutorial in the same article below that how to Root and Unroot your android using KingRoot. Let’s know how to download this tool:-
Step: 1. Visit the official website called ‘’.
Step: 2. Look up for the download link with android version (it is totally free to download and use).
Step: 3. After the successful download, look at your download folder or notification bar to install it directly in your phone or tablet.
Step: 4. Install it normally as you install an app (you must enable the ‘Unknown sources’ option in your ‘Settings>Security’ to install it properly).

Now the Question arises Why root android mobile?

  1. Rooting enables you to download unapproved apps. 
    2. If you root your mobile then you better battery life. 
    3. You can see good performance after rooting. 
    4. You can customize everything. 
    5. All apk applications can be installed and used. 
    6. You can run custom ROMS(If your mobile is Yureka then your ROM is Cyanogen mod but If you root your mobile you can use MI ROM on the same mobile)

Rooting different Mobile Phones:-You can root all most all mobile phones on kingroot Some of the tested mobiles and models
HTC One V, HTC Incredible S G11, HTC Desire HD G10, HTC Desire G7, MOTO MB860, MOTO Droid, HTC legend G6, HTC Nexus One G5, HTC hero G3, Samsung I9000, Samsung I9100, Samsung S5830, MOTOMB855, Sony Ericsson X10i, LG P920, Huawei C8650, ZTE V880, ZTE N760, Cool 5860, note and A8, HTC One X, Lenovo music phone, Meizu M9, oppo X903, Samsung S6, Galaxy S6 plus. If you want you can try with your mobile phone if you get and problem in rooting your mobile phone then comment below we will solve for you.

I personally suggest you not to root your android mobile until 1 year because If your mobile get any problem you can show and get it done in customer care center until 1 year as most of the mobile companies offers 1 year warranty but if you root your mobile then your warranty will not be covered so if you still want to root and do it on your own risk.

kingRoot is one the top trending apps for rooting a android mobile, so you can use king root app apk or you can also use kingroot for windows and root you android mobile.

KingRoot APK Download Latest V5.1.1 For Android Device Free

Kingroot Apk: Today in this era of smartphones we all possess a quite handy set, but do we know about how to root our smartphones? To attain privileged control over a various application running on your device you need to run a process which is known Rooting. It is a great process that helps you in performing great things with your smartphone like unlocking hidden features, automates anything on your phone, boosts up your phone speed and battery, blocks ads in apps, creating a backup for your phone, owns your device in the true sense.

When you know the importance of rooting your device you would definitely look for some good rooting application for your device. For many novice users, rooting their device becomes a real hard task. To ease up your work there are several one-click root access apps and programs available. 

Why Download  kingRoot?  

Because  It is one of the most famous root tool in these days. It support 1,00,000 devices. KingRoot don’t want flash any third party Recovery into your phone.

Basic info of kingroot APK:

Operating system: Android
License: Free
Android version: 2.3, 2.3.1 and up.
Language: English.
Author: Kingroot studio.
size: 17.55 MB

Now, What is more important is how it actually Works?? Shortly saying, Kingroot works by firstly conducting initial identification to some details of your device including it brands (manufacturer), what Android version it is running and what kind of ROM it is. The data will then used to decide which kind of exploit is necessary for Kingroot to inject it to the phone. However, the app will always try to deploy the most suitable strategy. Once the suitable exploit is found in its database, the app will then start downloading it from its cloud into the phone. Yet, Kingroot will also install #Su Binary in System/xbin to ensure that users can keep root access permanently.

Root Your Android Devices With KingRoot APK(Without Using PC) In Android devices Rooting is an experimental way to fully access your devices or unlocking features which is not allow by android OS. In this article we are looking at “KingRoot App” Which most popular at this time. KingRoot App is used to root your android devices without any computer(PC) assistant. This app also run on Android 2.2(Beta) to Android 7.1(Nougat) which is additional features of KingRoot v5.0.4 . KingRoot apk is doing work vice versa like Flash Recovery or any third party recovery option. This application is safe to use, without any error or any interruption. 

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