Top 10 Best Phone Flashing apps

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The latest Phone Flashing Apps are going brand. The Google is beginning to add them into the Android as early as Lollipop and OEMs have included them on their OEM skins for the longest. The need for this decline the market share for the new version of Android receives by the higher generation. We have forgotten about those of you out there who prefer to have the third party app or have the devices too old to have its own flashlight app. In this article, we provide you the list of flashlight apps that exposed minimum permission which work perfectly for you.

The mobile flashing was once reduced to be the complicated affair involving a lot of expertise and the detailed knowledge on the latest OS and the corresponding software. But now, thanks to the mobile flashing software for free download for all and it becomes as easy as child’s play.

Here is the List of 10 best Phone Flashing Apps:

1 ) Color Flashlight

The Color Flashlight is the first up and probably the good thing because it has a lot of features. It has the standard lowest permission and the standard ability to turn on your LED flash on the back of your phone. There are various numbers of features is available to make your device screen into the flashlight of various colors, size, pattern, and shapes. It also contains the advertising, but it does not contain the permission to conduct any of your personal data so it always is a plus.

2 ) Flashlight by SimGears

The second app called Flashlight is by the SimGears. The Flashlight by SimGears app includes the total of four widgets which you can place on your home screen for the easy flashlight access. The flashlight also stays even after you lock the screen. It has the ads, but it can be disabled in the app settings if you don’t want them on there.

3 ) Privacy Flashlight

The privacy Flashlight made by the company which promotes the need for privacy about as much as the company can. Aside from using completely the uncovered minimum permission, the app is also very small in size. It also contains the widget if you need and an essential app interface. In the event that you are occupied with the fun read, at that point the application depiction additionally portrays the issue with electric lamp applications and the security issue.

4 ) TeslaLED Flashlight

If there was an app from a name you can trust, then it is TeslaLED Flashlight. It is made by the same people who develop the Nova Launcher and the popular Widget Locker app. It contains the simple interface, a home screen widget which you can also use as a theme and the bare bones permission list. There is also the standard screen feature available like the Morse and Strobing code. It has not been updated since the very long time, but still manage to work with most devices which mean if you find the bug, then you will have to go to the other flashlight app.

5 ) Torch

The Torch is the friendly app because some people may already know it because it has been combined into the custom ROMs before. It means that some root users may also recognize in this one. It comes with the home screen widget, but no screen flashlight option. It is the second smallest app on this list and it is great for those who just want the home screen widget.

6 ) Tiny Flashlight + LED

The Tiny Flashlight is another basic app which is just about 1MB in size. It has the home screen widget which you see in the theme, strobe light including Morse Code and police lights and the few possible permissions. It looks nice and it has been around for the whole. It is also enough trusted since it is has been downloaded over the 100 million times.

7 ) Super Bright LED Flashlight

The Super Bright LED Flashlight is one of the popular application which only ask for the standard camera permission. It focuses a little more on the theory of art than most flashlight apps and it looks really nice. There is also the strobe feature which is adjustable if you want that.

8 ) Flashlight – Mega Flashlight

The device screen and the LED flash on the back both works on the Flashlight РMega Flashlight. You can make the device strobe in the variety of patterns, including emergency and Morse code. The Flashlight РMega Flashlight  app is very simple to use and the description of the will app  explains, why the camera apps need the camera permission.

9 ) Flashlight by Mobile Apps Inc

One of the two apps on the list suitably named as Flashlight and this one is done by the Mobile Apps Inc. The app has the decent interface, a built in the SOS signal in the case you need it along with the slider to strobe in other patterns. The app also has the compass if you are out in the forest and need the flashlight and a compass together.

10 ) Flashlight HD LED

The Flashlight HD LED is the other app which can utilize both your home screen and the LED flash to produce the flashlight. The LED flashlight can be controlled by the home screen widget that is included. In the Flashlight HD LED, you can switch your screen into the flashlight and use the whatever color you choose from the app’s color picker. It is very simple without any other whistles and bells.


In this article, we provide you the top 10 phone flashing apps and I hope after reading this article you will select the best app for your phone. If you have any query, then comment on the comment box which is available at the bottom of the page.

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