Top 10 Most Essential apps for a Windows Smartphone

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With the launch of Windows 8 across the world and phones like HTC Windows 8X coming in, folks are gearing up for a look over this new platform. Although, the amount of apps provided by Windows Marketplace is far less than what Android and iOS has to offer, still if you are a Windows fan than nothing can stop you from getting your hands over it.

The first time you get a Windows Phone you have 1,20,000 apps to choose from. Installing apps just for the sake of fun and because they are free will not accomplish any purpose. It’s time to fortify your new Windows Phone, with access to over 1 Lakh Apps in the marketplace you need to select the best which can prime your Smartphone for your basic needs.

nokia lumia 920 windows phone 8 1 Top 10 Most Essential apps for a Windows Smartphone

The list below includes some of the best apps for your Windows Phone and if you can’t find them on your phone head over to the marketplace right now. The apps listed below are free of cost available from Marketplace and are the one that definitely needs to there on a Windows Phone.

Top 10 Most Essential apps for a Windows Smartphone

#1. Facebook

facebook Top 10 Most Essential apps for a Windows Smartphone

You can not miss on the No.1 Social Network on any Phone. With over 800 million active users, the Facebook app for Windows certainly has edge over how you share, like and update your status. You can get access to Live Tile updates, check out upcoming events and most importantly Facebook Chat (messenger) comes along with the app.

#2. WhatsApp

WhatsApp now have made its way to become the most used messenger service beating all others in its way. WhatsApp on Windows Phone allows you to send and receive messages, pictures, audio files and videos. The app uses the Wi-Fi or 3G connection when available in its range. However, this cross-platform chat app comes with a certain disappointment as the users have to pay for the app after one year of free subscription.

#3. gMaps

gmaps1 Top 10 Most Essential apps for a Windows Smartphone

With Bing Maps pre-installed in Windows Phone, its disability to provide the exceptional service on move makes it tedious to use. As an alternative to it, gMaps provides you the complete set-up which helps you to find the best possible route to your destination within a time constraint. The app quiet amazingly manages the navigation with improved driver mode feature.

#4.  Connectivity Shortcuts

CS Top 10 Most Essential apps for a Windows Smartphone

The tile interface is one of the feature for which the Windows Phone is known for. Customize the startscreen with the connectivity options so that they are just one click away when you need them. The app provides editable Live Tile text facility and leaves you with four icon styles to choose from. You can place shortcuts for your Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, 3G on your startscreen to access it from a single-click.

#5. Zomato

Zomato Top 10 Most Essential apps for a Windows Smartphone

Now, this is the app which I believe is the most essential when it comes to your health and stomach. Zomato is a simple app which searches for the best restaurant around your location which can offer you the best food while you are away from your home. As an add on, the filter search let you customize your choice and facilitates you with ratings and reviews for the restaurants, so you can make the best choice. The service in India is available for the following cities, Delhi, Mumbai, Chandigarh, Jaipur, Indore, Chennai, Bangalore, Kolkata, Pune,Hyderabad, Lucknow, Ahmedabad.

#6. Boxfiles for Dropbox

dropbox Top 10 Most Essential apps for a Windows Smartphone

The No.1 cloud storage cannot make a miss from your desk of apps. Boxfiles for Dropbox free version allows you to view documents, images, videos and at the same time edit them. Same like any Dropbox app, it you can upload pictures from Pictures Hub and subsequently save them to your phone. You can also pin you favourite folders to the startscreen.

#7.  SMS Collection

sms Top 10 Most Essential apps for a Windows Smartphone

Its festive season these days, with New Year making its toll you need to greet your friends and relatives with some unique content. If you are fond of messaging then this one is for you probably, the SMS collection app comes with some 1000 messages to choose from which are further periodically updated to give you the best. Enjoy this festive season by sending some beautiful messages to your loved ones.

#8. Instacam

instacam Top 10 Most Essential apps for a Windows Smartphone

Sounds quiet similar to Instagram, InstaCam makes your pictures unique by adding 26+ cool filters and 12 great frames. Dubbed to the first unofficial Instagram client, the app can create a filters which can be further shared on multiple social networks like., Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, FourSquare, etc.

#9. Appdeals

Appdeals Top 10 Most Essential apps for a Windows Smartphone

Slowly and steadily the count for apps in Marketplace is increasing. Among 1,20,000 apps to choose from, a recent update on there paid and free version can be very helpful. Appdeals promises to do the same, it gives you access to offers directly from developers & publishers. At a discounted price, you can select the app which suits your need and use it till you need it. The concept here is pretty simple,if you are in search for a good deal on a Pro or premium app just hang on with AppDeals.

#10. IndianRail

indianrail Top 10 Most Essential apps for a Windows Smartphone

If you are in search of a train, then you are just one click away from accessing the India Rail database. IndianRail app allows you to Plan Travel, PNR Enquiry, Train Running Status, Trains passing from Stations, Booking. It may sound ticklish here but when you need it in tough times, it will definitely serve your purpose wisely.

So, this was my effort in collecting some of the essential app you should install when using a Windows Phone. Did your favourite app made a miss from the list ? If yes, then hit the comment section to express your choice.

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