Top 10 Thriller Movies of All Time

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All Time Top 10 Thriller Movies

Thriller movies of any era have a great fan following. Most of us like watching thrilling movies. This is probably the reason why names like Alfred Hitchcock have become immortal in this genre and also in the film industry as a whole. Are you one of the Thriller movie fans? If so, here is a list of the Top 10 Thriller films of all time and can be watched by openload pair hoster.

With a fair share of suspense and adventure, these thriller movies are a few of the best English thriller movies ever made.  Some of these movies are made decades back yet even today they keep the audiences riveted to the screen. If you enjoy watching films belonging to the thriller genre, you must surely watch these top 10 thriller movies of all time.

1.    Rear Window(1954)

The Rear Window is one of thriller king Alfred Hitchcock’s remarkable creations, that definitely deserves a place in the top thriller movies.

A professional photographer is wheelchair ridden and resides in his apartment in New York. He spends his time by spying his neighbors from the rear window. Very soon he starts to suspect that one of the neighbors has murdered someone.

2.    Memento(2000)

The film Memento is directed by Christopher Nolan and is one of the top thriller films made in 2000.

Leonard is suffering from short-term memory loss. He uses tattoos and notes to hunt his wife’s killer.

3.    The Manchurian Candidate(1962)

The thriller film The Manchurian Candidate is directed by John Frankenheimer.

Communists brainwash a Korean Prisoner of War into becoming a political assassin. Luckily, another prisoner knows the key to save him.

4.    The Usual Suspects(1995)

Bryan Singer is the director of the film The Usual Suspects.

A boat carrying criminals is destroyed. The criminals are killed. The sole survivor has the key to this mystery.

5.    The Sixth Sense(1999)

M. Night Shyamalan has directed the film The Sixth Sense.

A little boy Cole can see spirits and communicate with them. He is very distressed as he doesn’t know how to deal with the situation. So he seeks the help of child psychologist Malcom Crowe.

6.    The Game(1997)

David Fincher has directed the movie The Game.

Rich financier Nicolas Van Orton is lonely. On his 48th birthday, his brother Conrad gifts him a strange game and weird things start happening to him.

7.    The Talented Mr. Ripley(1999)

Director Anthony Minghella is the maker of the film The Talented Mr. Ripley.

The film is placed in late 1950 New York. Tom Ripley is dispatched to Europe to bring back a wealthy playboy Dickie Greenleaf. When his mission seems to fail, he starts taking extreme measures.

8.    American Psycho(2000)

Mary Harron is the director of American Psycho.

Patrick Bateman is a rich banking executive from New York who kills for no specific reason. Slowly his hatred for the world keeps growing.

9.    Cape Fear(1991)

Martin Scorsese is the director of the film Cape Fear.

A convicted rapist serves fourteen years in prison and is finally set free. Soon as he is free, he heads to take revenge. He wants to teach his lawyer, who could have saved him, a lesson.

10.   Fatal Attraction(1987)

The movie Fatal Attraction is directed by Adrian Lyne and is surely one of the top thriller movies of the 8o’s.

Dan Callagher is a blissfully married New York Lawyer. He has an affair with his colleague Alex when his wife is out. Dan’s one night stand starts haunting his peace.

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